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Who Told You That You Were Naked
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Author of: Abundant Life • Deny Thyself • Family Values
Love and Sex from a Spiritual Point of View • Who Told You That You Were Naked

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Family Values

by Charles D. Miller

A Family is a unit that is united in doing the will of God and God's will is "that you love one another" (John 15:12 NRSV).

Who are my mother and my brothers [my family]? And looking around on those who sat about him, He said, Here are my mother and my brothers! Whoever does the will of God is my brother and sister and mother (MARK 3:33-35 NRSV).

Whatsoever you want your life to be, you must be; you must give; you must plant seeds. You are the only one who created your world and your life, that is why you can change it. You, whether man or woman, become mature by taking responsibility for your words, actions and deeds.

Family Values had its origin in the New World in the British Colony of Virginia. The London Company secured from King James I a royal charter to found a colony in Virginia. The company paid the settler's passage and the latter agreed to work seven years for the company and then for himself as an indentured servant. The charter provided for a governor that answered only to the company. The arrival of women, children and Africans marked its transition from a trading post to a colony and a family union. Under the London Company charter, all indentured servants that came into the colony in Virginia were treated equally. As the Africans arrived, they worked beside white servants and there was no concern about physical differences between these black and white servants. The two groups worked together in the fields, spent their free time together, married one another, and had children.

The growing wealth of the Colony led King James I to take control from the London Company. The Anglican church, presided over by the King, was given a firm reign and the laws of the Church of England (canon law) were enforced in Colonial Virginia. The King and the Anglican church were greedy and wanted African slaves in the Colony of Virginia to increase their profits. (The British already had slaves in the West Indies and elsewhere). The first families in America were native Americans, Europeans, and Africans, working together and living together to make America better (The American Dream). The Anglican church initiated racism to separate and destroy the first and only family union that has existed in the United States of America. Racism, the ideology or belief that the white man was superior because of the color of his skin and the black man and others were inferior or less than human because of the color of their skin, came to be used as the justification for slavery. The church, in its religious function, brainwashed white Europeans to believe that they were different and superior to the black Africans; the church brainwashed whites to "hate" the blacks. The Anglican church in its other function as state began to legislate and systematically lower the status of blacks, setting them apart from white colonists in the Virginia society. African servants who had once gained their freedom by fulfilling their indentures or contracts or by becoming Christians were made slaves for life by laws passed after 1661. Racism (brainwashing), white supremacy and hatred toward the black man, that separated and destroyed family values in the United States, were created by the Anglican church and spread throughout the British Empire and the world through Christianity--the ideology and beliefs of Cain, Jacob, Paul and their descendants.

Sexism (brainwashing) was used by the Protestant and Catholic Reformation to destroy the family union in Europe. Women, widowed by the wars, were targeted because they were the subordinate or weaker vessels and because they had money. Protestants lacked the well developed judicial structure (Inquisition) and the hierarchy and global reach of the Catholic Church. Reformers had become aware of how little respect the church received and how ignorant common people were of Christianity. A belief in the devil was a means by which Christianity frightened people into obedience, because a belief in the devil made people feel powerless. Believing that all negative things, such as, harm and evil come from the devil, removed all individual responsibility. If one is responsible for something, one could do something about it. If negativity comes from the devil, one could do little but crouch in fear or attack those who represented the devil. Christianity played a critical role in convincing people to blame witches for their problems. In a very careful way the concept of devil worship was developed and used to persecute and wipe out dissent and subordinate individuals by defaming her. What became known as witchcraft was created by Christianity--the ideology and beliefs of Paul, the Pharisees, priests, and the descendants of Cain and Jacob; they found fault with women on all sorts of counts and held them responsible for all the sins in the world. It took a long time to persuade society that women were inclined toward evil witchcraft and devil worship and she was a slave of the devil--a evil satanic agent. Confession was extracted by the hideous methods of torture developed during earlier phases of the Inquisition. Unless the witch died during torture, she was taken to the stake. Torturing and burning the women created fear, which controlled society and enforced obedience. Sexism separated and destroyed family values in Europe and throughout the world.

There are two ways in which a man can be enslaved. One is through force--the way of the whip, torture or murder; he is penned behind fences, guarded constantly, and punished severely for breaking even the slightest rules. The aim is to make the slave live in constant fear--the kind of fear that the Inquisitors achieved with trial, execution, and mass public burnings.

The other way in which a man can be enslaved--a more subtle way, is to teach him to think that his own best interests are served by doing what his master wishes him to do. He is taught that he is inferior. This enslavement by brain washing, which destroys his mind and replaces it with the mind of the master, is the way that a slave enslaves himself; there is then no need to police him. A slave then would have no sense of self that was separate from the self the master wanted him to have.

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